Meet the Team

At mIQroTech, we are passionate about innovation and invention; Our team represent that passion!

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Meade Lewis — Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Coming with a background as the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) of multiple oil and gas firms, both with successful exits, Lewis understands what it takes to disrupt this archaic industry. With additional experience at a “Big Data” analytics firm, he also knows the value of intelligence gathering and the capabilities of massive analytic platforms on that data. An Eagle Scout with a passion for the environment, a hardware and sensor expert, he also develops software in a plethora of languages necessary to making the technology set at mIQroTech truly revolutionary.

Jeff Brashear — Chief Strategy Officer

 With the experience of leading organizations ranging from 10 to 200 people, Brashear comes to mIQroTech with a Masters in Finance. Having lead people in the most chaotic environment known to man, the battlefields of the Middle East, Brashear left the Army with the rank of Major where he was responsible as an Army Ranger, logistics expert, and an Operations Research Systems Analyst. Leaving the Army, he joined BAE, Combat Vehicles, a 5,000 employee division, where he helped leadership teams with mission critical problem solving as a Business Unit Analytics Manager.

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Dom Colosimo — Chief Scientific Officer

Studying inorganic and theoretical chemistry at the graduate level, Dom comes with a Penn State pedigree of using science to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. His work with remote gas sensing, transport processes, statistical analysis, and corrosion, enables him to provide insight on the chemical, physical, and mathematic factors at work behind pipeline hazards. Also having utilized Machine Learning during his career, Dom has the expertise to create, adapt, and train the logic systems behind the mIQroTech solution.

Mike Kaiser — Chief Information Officer

Formally managing two software development teams at IGT, Kaiser oversaw the technical development of systems responsible for gambling technologies around the world. With gambling being a very sensitive and data intensive market, Kaiser worked with teams in high-security environments as well as administered over massive databases. Being an expert in all things database related, knowing a variety of languages pertinent to the functionality of mIQroTech’s systems, Kaiser not only has the background to lead, but also develop the critical infrastructure that we rely on.


Matthew Miller — VP of Sales

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Advisory Board

Always striving for new ideas and concepts to challenge the status quo, mIQroTech is currently in the search of additional board members to help guide and direct us! Think you could provide some insight? Let us know!