Seven Patents for Unparalleled Technology.

Using the latest in Internet of Things (IoT), sensor, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we predict pipeline leaks before they happen with a projected 96% accuracy.

For these reasons and many more, we have already partnered with over 2% of the pipeline in America.


Whether oil, gas, water, or petrochemical, we monitor your assets day in and day out. By measuring the most important variables to pipeline longevity, at speeds up to 42 times every second, our custom sensor suite collects massive data on your assets, all in one device. Multiply this by the fact that our hardware mounts 100% externally, this means that installation is a breeze and we eliminate the more than 2% of leaks that are caused by invasive monitoring methods. So put away the welding tools, we can measure all of this critical data without the need of radioactive materials, welding, or pipeline tapping. Through extensive studies, we have identified the leading causes of pipeline leaks. Based on these findings, our solution set has been created to detect every major cause and then some. We are able to measure corrosion, vibration, temperature, geo-positioning, acoustics, and more!

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Pie Chart
Previously Unknown
Human Interaction
Component Failure
Safety System
Earth movement

Not only can we monitor for real-time threats, by merging this constant, consistent data gathering with Artificial Intelligence, we can predict leaks weeks, months, or even years before they occur.

Costs and Savings

We offer a subscription tier to fit nearly any budget and pipeline coverage area. With our pricing structure, our solution is not only the most powerful, but the best priced pipeline monitoring system. We aren’t afraid to share our pricing either; $250 per month, per mile of pipeline we analyze. The hardware is provided by mIQroTech at no charge. This means constant, reliable pricing with very little cost upfront.

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