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Advanced Sensor Technology

Using the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we monitor the most important variables in pipeline longevity. We measure internal density, corrosion, pressure, temperature, vibration and impact, geo positioning, and even sonic booms through patent pending methodology.

All of this without the need of radioactive materials, welding, or pipeline tapping.

This collected data is then sent to our cloud-computing cluster, where it is analyzed time and time again using Artificial Intelligence; All nerd-talk aside, we can predict leaks with a projected 96% accuracy!

With the expected price of $350 USD*, our solution is not only the most powerful, but the most competitively priced pipeline monitoring system.

AI analysis.png

Seven factor analysis

Density - Using patent pending technology, these devices can measure the internal density of pipelines and identify air pockets and cavitation as well as other debris, regardless of nominal width of the pipeline. Through the same sensor group, flow direction can also be evaluated.

Metallic Wash - As pipelines internally corrode, metal fragments come loose and wash down the pipe. Not only can our devices measure this, they can determine the rate at which pipelines are corroding.

Pressure - Measuring pressure differences between pipeline sensors can further assist with problem identification. Our pressure sensor devices are capable of measuring internal pressure to an impressive degree of precision†.

Vibration - Measuring pipeline and component vibrations can help sense leaks or identify upcoming wearable part failure. This also enables triggering alerts for impacts or trauma to the pipeline.

Geopositioning - pinpointing the hazard location is step one to actionable mitigation. Our GPS systems can get within 3.6 feet of accuracy with appropriate satellite coverage.

Temperature - Placed strategically throughout infrastructure components can offer key information to assist with failure prediction or abnormal conditions and expansion.

Audio - Through our studies, we have found that sonic booms can cause damage to valves and fittings. Likewise audio signals are important in sabotage detection.

Simply apply the resin, affix to the outside of the pipeline, and login!


We offer a variety of pricing options to fit nearly any budget and pipeline coverage area. You can begin by custom fitting a solution to your pipeline by using the slider below:

Miles of Pipeline Monitored:

Suggested Number of Devices:

Estimated Price for Devices: $ USD*

Minimum Subscription:


1 Device ‡

$500 / Month*


25 Devices ‡

$2,500 / Month*


100 Devices ‡

$9,500 / Month*


300 Devices ‡

$25,000 / Month*


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* Price subject to change
† Testing ongoing to find degree of precision.
‡ Devices sold separately