Pipeline Leaks and Downtime Become a Thing of the Past.

Leveraging our flagship, autonomous mIQroAware™ devices, our customers are empowered by instant notifications and easy to understand alerts. Through our Seven Factor Analysis, we can measure the most important factors in pipeline longevity and send that intelligence to our secure databases. Merged with proprietary Artificial Intelligence models, we can then predict leaks and failures before they happen! Our technology set can be utilized to help minimizing leak duration, detection time, pinpoint location, minimize annual cleanup costs. Instant notifications, text messages, and emails to all stakeholders cuts down on confusion, communication lag, environmental impact, and prevent pipeline downtime; Customers save money while protecting the environment.


Inspired by awareness, driven by artificial intelligence, and proven with results. At mIQroTech, we have what it takes to shake up the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. Our mission, our passion, is creating an intelligent industry.

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Ready to take the next step? Start listening to the data using our mIQroAware™ IoT devices, in conjunction with artificial intelligence powered databases, to predict failures before they happen!

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