Smart Sensors. Smart Data. Smart Monitoring.

Predict pipeline failure with a projected 96% accuracy using our patent-pending system

Our advanced pipeline leak detection system gives your company the ability to act sooner rather than later, preventing and reducing damage from the common causes of pipeline failure that halt operations, cost money to repair, and cause environmental harm. At mIQroTech, we’ve developed incredible innovations in leak detection technology, to combat interior corrosion, sabotage, human error, earth movement, and faulty safety systems – while simultaneously extending the longevity of your flow lines and their overall performance. 

Welcome to the future of leak detection.


The oil and gas industry demands intelligent solutions. At mIQrotech, we’ve stepped into the forefront of smart system development, to bring your company the latest innovations in IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

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Our technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which means that reliable, evidence-based leak prediction and prevention is a reality. Prevent pipeline and environmental damage using our intelligent IoT smart devices, and change the way you manage continuous monitoring.

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