Our mission is the accurate detection of oil and gas risks using advanced integrated technology so that customers save money, avoid downtime, and protect the environment from spills.

Our Mission

Annually, the oil and gas industry loses over $30 Billion in revenue due to leaks and spills. This means that the average company is losing nearly $19 Million every single year. This doesn’t account for the fines, clean up expenses, or the reputation damage that comes from these catastrophes.

Something that is at the heart of mIQroTech is our passion for the environment and, after speaking to hundreds of operators around the world, we know we are not alone. By preventing these leaks, we aim to protect thousands of acres of wildlife; That’s an effort we all strive for.

However, preventing catastrophic pipeline leaks is not easy, especially when most pipelines run through hard to monitor areas and are costly to monitor and maintain.

Our mission is to make this monitoring easy and less expensive.

Save Money. Avoid Downtime. Protect The Environment.

We set out to develop an advanced solution to solve the common problems in this vital industry. Using cutting-edge technology to equip your company with the intelligence you need to accurately predict and repair leaks before they happen.