Game Changing Innovation

In the 21st century, technology has been the deciding factor in the life and death of many industries. Knowing this, our goal is to save an industry that has a huge potential for change and, we believe, for the better! Coming to the American oil and gas industry, we aim to make a greener world in two ways. First, less leaks means less environmental impact. Secondly, without the leaks, without the downtime, and by offering our solutions at incredibly low prices, we aim to leave more "green" in our customers pockets!

How do we plan on doing this? Through proprietary design of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that enable oil and gas companies to get a larger scope of data in real time. We augment the value of those devices by databasing the readings from our sensor arrays into an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform unlike any other. With a projected 96% accuracy, we are able to detect problems before they happen!


Internet of Things

Using Internet of Things technology, we combine sensors and incredibly fast processing boards to create a data collection tools unlike any other in the industry. Data is collected, processed, understood, then sent, wirelessly to a proprietary database.

Artificial Intelligence

Once collected in the proprietary database, already containing millions of data points, it is analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence systems. If a threat is detected, email and text alerts are sent to asset stakeholders within seconds. Longterm analysis is also done by the AI platform where we look to determine the longevity of the assets. Every day, our AI gets stronger; every day, our solutions become more valuable!