The Evolution of Oil and Gas

Pipeline leak detection technology has finally reached a point, where we can say for certain that there is no reason leaks should be negatively impacting your company, or the environment.

Things are changing – so too must the oil and gas industry.

Technology has long been the deciding factor in whether or not industries survive generation after generation. Today, with the pace of technology – the survival of your company relies on your ability to keep up with progress and what is best for your customers.

We believe oil and gas can change for the better.

Our pipeline leak prediction technology gives you the opportunity to embrace innovation that reduces your environmental impact on the world, while simultaneously amplifying your monitoring and maintenance efficiency. And it does this at an incredibly low cost.

How Our Technology Works

Our advanced mIQroAware technology set is an elegant way to harness the power of real-time data for your pipeline company, using the latest Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.


Internet of Things

Our IoT devices have super-fast processors that capture critical data up to 42 times every second, of every day. Our pipeline leak detection technology then processes the data and sends it wirelessly to a proprietary database.


Artificial Intelligence

When the data arrives, our AI examines it, looking for anomalies, threats and inconsistencies. If any are discovered, email and text alerts are sent to stakeholders in a matter of seconds. The AI learns and can also predict the longevity of pipelines over time.

Integrated Technology in Action

IoT Smart Sensors

Our IoT sensors are physical devices that are used for accurate data collection in the field. These smart sensors collect valuable data 24/7, in real time.  

Easy, Affordable Installation

You will install a wireless system of smart sensors to the outside of your pipeline. Simply secure the device to the pipeline wall using epoxy, and switch it on to activate your pipeline leak detection technology.

Accurate Monitoring with AI

Our sensors deliver the ongoing data streams to our Artificial Intelligence system, where our neural networks analyze the data according to a set of proprietary algorithms that can accurately predict and pinpoint where a leak is going to happen. 

Our prediction engine has a projected 96% Accuracy!