Below is a conglomeration of press releases, white papers, and the like that show our innovation at work! We are gaining traction in the industry, but we like to prove it with our technology.

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Ocean Accelerator Class iV

mIQroTech was among the elite startups accepted into Ocean Accelerator beginning in January 29th, 2018! With this comes funding, access to investors, mentors, and so much more. 


mIQroTech Founder Story: Embrace your inner nerd

Meade Lewis, founder of mIQroTech, is on a mission to make the oil and gas industry greener. Read about his passions, his heroes, the mIQroTech journey, and so much more.

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Invest today!

We have begun an ECF campaign through Republic! What this means is that the public can invest as little as $25 in our startup to help us bring the future of energy to the market. Invest today!


TEDxpsu on innovation

Invited to speak on behalf of mIQroTech, our founder will speak in February, 2018 about the game-changing innovation we are working on and what it will do to the petroleum industry!

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Standards for IoT in Oil and Gas

In a joint collaboration project, mIQroTech asserts itself as the industry leader in IoT development. Establishing protocol and the rules that any IoT device in the oil and gas sector should follow, Meade Lewis and Justin Stewart give insight on the principles involved. Security, databasing, variable management, accuracy, and battery life are all covered in this one document.


Miqroaware™ white paper (09/05/2017)

Written by Meade Lewis, we highlight the concepts and innovation behind our mIQroAware™ system. Technology that aims to change how midstream oil and gas is done; technology that will save our customers a projected $930,000 every year, and protect our planet!

More articles, white papers, and news to come!