As an oil and gas executive, it’s difficult to navigate the new pipeline leak technologies that are flooding the market. Many promise change, and never deliver. Change is imminent, and you need to stay ahead of monitoring technologies that will keep your company growing into 2020 and beyond.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things devices, harness the power of raw data – converting it into amazing possibilities for prediction, detection and elimination of leaks that happen along your pipeline.

That’s why you need to read white paper on “How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Oil and Gas Companies Predict and Prevent 96% of US Pipeline Leaks, in 2018”


This powerful report orientates you on exactly why you need to pay attention to affordable, continuous pipeline monitoring systems that use advanced integrated technology.

In this paper you will discover:

  • The economic and environmental impact that aging pipelines are having in America
  • Common problems plaguing the oil and gas pipeline monitoring industry
  • How unreliable and costly leak detection systems are a dangerous standard
  • How the environmental damage that occurs can be eliminated with modern technology
  • The most promising solutions for solving these on-going pipeline concerns
  • The barriers preventing oil and gas companies from adopting these new technologies
  • How smart systems are creating a cleaner, safer, energy field
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence in solving these problems
  • The role of Internet of Things technology in solving these problems
  • The widespread benefits of adopting integrated technology for pipeline monitoring
  • How the mIQroAware™ System will reshape the midstream oil and gas space

It’s time for a cleaner, greener, safer, midstream energy industry. Find out how.